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  1. Today was spectacular! We left Kingston as dawn peaked over the Blue Mountains. Taking us to the road less traveled, Ricardo deftly drove us up a rutted potholed path to the “Old Mining Trail” where we began our walk into the forest. Expertly sighting birds and tracking them, he used the laser pointer to clue me in as I dottered with my new binoculars. When the reluctant birds hid too effectively, Ricardo used his bird calls, luring them into sight. After a scrumptous Jamaican breakfast on the deck at Forres Park, we journeyed into the coffee grove and spotted another three endemic species. That brought my first day birding in Jamaica to a total of 14 endemic species, half of the total on the Island! These included the Rufous-tailed Flycatcher, the Jamaican Elaenia, the Orangequit and the beautiful Jamaican Spindalis. As I first stated, today amazed me. Thank you so much Ricardo!

    • Kimberly, it was a real pleasure to take you on your first official birding experience in Jamaica. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Annette Jeffers|

    17 endemic + 3 new birds = an incredible 20 lifers for this happy first time visitor to Jamaica. All in less than 6 hours during mid-day! Ricardo is a highly skilled and most delightful guide. Thanks for a wonderful day on your beautiful island.

    • 20 lifers on a small island in 6 hours is a good number any day. I was impressed myself. There are at least 11 more lifers awaiting you on your next visit.

  3. Annette Jeffers|

    I thought of that. Would be worth another trip to bird with you again, get those 11, and see more of Jamaica

  4. Meghann Matwichuk|

    I visited Jamaica in July 2013. The purpose of the trip was a family vacation in the resort area of Negril — not as much of a birding hotspot as other areas on the island, but there are many fantastic areas for birdwatching within striking distance. Ricardo was able to set up a two-day itinerary for me and my partner which maximized our opportunity to see most of Jamaica’s endemic birds, as well as other bird and insect species of interest. Ricardo is very passionate about ornithology and a great guide and teacher. Our trip was much richer because of his efforts and hospitality. If I’m able to return to this beautiful country in the future, I would not hesitate to utilize Arrowhead Birding Tours. Highly recommended.

  5. Tom Fiore and I arrived on-time back in NYC early Tuesday morning, December 10. We have so many wonderful birds, places, people, and feelings of Jamaica fresh in our minds and hearts. Thanks especially to Ricardo & all of the others, with good wishes for many more great tours and success with all your ventures. I feel we were very fortunate to be on this tour, the “28-club,” with such a nice group in enjoying nature & the many wonderful places you brought us to. Highly recommended!

    Until we meet again.

    Brenda Inskeep, Stamford, CT

  6. I was in Jamaica for only a few hours on a Disney Cruise, Ricardo picked my up promptly in Falmouth and we headed off to see as many of the endemics as possible in 8 hours. We did very well scoring 21/28 endemics of which 20 were seen and 1 Crested Quail-dove was heard only. I picked up #22 at the port right after being dropped off. We saw 62 (28 Lifers) species all together on a very hot humid day in early September and I added 2 more (1 Lifer) at the port. If you are a birder visiting Jamaica I strongly suggest contacting Arrowhead Birding and specifically Ricardo for guiding you around to see the country’s birds. Even if you are only in for a few hours via one of the cruise ships contact them and get out into the heart of the country birding! You might not get all 28 but you can count on at least 20 or so on a good day, plus some great views of the country you won’t get at the ports. Very knowledgeable of the birds and their calls and create a very relaxed environment to bird in.
    Gallus Quigley

    • Gallus, that day birding with you remains one of my best birding excursion to date. It was the first time I was visiting that area with guests and I was pleasantly surprised that it delivered. I have been back several times with guests and it was just as awesome. My one day record is now up to 23/29 endemics at that route…and I eventually found the Crested Quail-Doves we heard calling. Thanks again for coming. Cheers!

  7. While down in Jamaica for a family vacation, my wife and I arranged a two-day tour from Negril with Ricardo and Arrowhead Birding. Despite being a little far away from the “prime” birding areas of Jamaica, we were very impressed. Both our days started out with owls; first two Jamaican owls, then a Barn owl on the second day, along with two Northern Potoos! In only two days we were able to see 24 of the possible 29 species endemic to Jamaica, including the beautiful Jamaican Spindalis, both parrot species, and the amazing Chesnut-bellied and Jamaican Lizard Cuckoos. Ricardo is an excellent guide – his knowledge of the birdlife of Jamaica is very impressive, he’s enthusiastic, friendly, courteous, and very professional. We cannot recommend him enough, we were extremely happy with our experience. The next time we’re down in Jamaica, we will definitely use Arrowhead Birding again. Thanks Ricardo!

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