The Arrowhead Experience

From the moment you meet your guide to the moment you say farewell we intend to give you an experience like no other. The guide will share his in-depth knowledge of the Jamaican avifaunal landscape, but his Knowledge goes much deeper. Prepare to be enlightened about Jamaica’s rich cultural, social and political history as it is reflected in our people, our music, our sports and our cuisine. You will be taken to places most Jamaicans have never visited as we go in search of our feathered friends.

Let us make it clear though, the birds come first…and you, a close second. Our guides are always mindful of the impact we have on the birds and their habitats every time we venture into their environment. On each tour we take special care to minimize this impact and ensure that guides and guests practice good birding ethics as outlined by the American Birding Association.
We intend to deliver you the highest quality birding experience on the island and leave with you a small slice of Jamaica forever etched in your memories. At the end of the day we hope to have you feeling like you just birded with a friend. This is the Arrowhead experience.

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