Portland Audubon Participants say thanks

From January 19-29, 2012 thirteen members of Portland Audubon along with tour leader Steve Robertson toured Jamaica in search of all the feathery friends the island had to offer. Co-leader and local guide, Ricardo Miller helped them to many new lifers and a trip total of 105 species. Here is what the participants had to say about their experience birding with Ricardo:

“Thanks for the best birding experience I have had. You have a truly beautiful country and you made it even better. Thanks.”

Doug Ferro – Participant

“Thanks for an awesome experience, my first time in Jamaica. Wonderful birds, beautiful scenery and the best rum ever.”

Sue Dietderich (Susie Q) – Participant

“Ricardo, thank you for being such a great birder dude. More importantly, a great person!”

Don & Sharon Coggswell – Participant

“Ricardo, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of birding and Jamaican culture. You really made our trip special and we’ll miss your kindness and your big smile!”

Irene Higgins – Participant

“We loved our trip. Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful birds. Jamaica is so lucky to have a good ecologist like you taking care of it.”

Susan Aldrich-Markham – Participant

“Thank you Ricardo for showing us your beautiful country. We enjoyed your companionship as well as your superb bird guiding skills and knowledge of Jamaica. We’re looking forward to seeing your website.”

Craig Markham – Participant

“It has been such a pleasure to meet you and you are a great trip leader; very knowledgeable and able to communicate that knowledge to us. Many thanks”

Chris Carlson – Participant

“Thank you, thank you!!”

Susanna Sandvig (Short Sue) – Participant

“Ricardo, It was a distinct pleasure to meet you. You are an amazing birder – like a magician. Thanks for your help birding and answering cheerfully so many questions. Best wishes.”

Diane Stone – Participant

 “Ricardo, what a joy to get to know you! You have charmed all of us with your great smile, knowledge and willingness to help us see and enjoy both the birds and your beautiful country. We’ll miss you until you come to Portland to let us show you our beautiful city and state.”

Phyllis Wolfe – Participant

“It’s been wonderful to see your birds, learn from your great field wisdom and get to know you personally. Thank you for your patience with those of us who just can’t see those birds and with all of my questions about how things work here. We mean it when we say ‘come visit’ and if you would like my sister and brother-in-law help with Arizona birds – let me know. Best wishes for a very happy life.”

Linda Craig – Participant

2 Thoughts on “Portland Audubon Participants say thanks

  1. My wife and I were introduced to Ricardo when we visited Jamaica to see the birds. He took us to several places and we were able to see most of the birds close enough for photography. Ricardo knows the birds of the island and how to find them but what I liked was that he was patient enough not rush when there was a chance for a good shot of the tody. He is such a charming person that the trip was a pleasure.

    Lee Hunter

  2. I was in Jamaica for only a few hours on a Disney Cruise, Ricardo picked my up promptly in Falmouth and we headed off to see as many of the endemics as possible in 8 hours. We did very well scoring 21/28 endemics of which 20 were seen and 1 Crested Quail-dove was heard only. I picked up #22 at the port right after being dropped off. We saw 62 (28 Lifers) species all together on a very hot humid day in early September and I added 2 more (1 Lifer) at the port. If you are a birder visiting Jamaica I strongly suggest contacting Arrowhead Birding and specifically Ricardo for guiding you around to see the country’s birds. Even if you are only in for a few hours via one of the cruise ships contact them and get out into the heart of the country birding! You might not get all 28 but you can count on at least 20 or so on a good day, plus some great views of the country you won’t get at the ports. Very knowledgeable of the birds and their calls and create a very relaxed environment to bird in.
    Gallus Quigley

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