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We strive to give our guests the best experience possible but don’t just take our word for it. The comments below are what our guests think about their Arrowhead Experience. If you were a guest you are invited to share your experience by adding a comment.

Birding in Jamaica: What to expect

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Jamaica has a warm tropical climate which can get rather humid, especially in the forests. Although it is noticeably cooler in the winter months and high elevations, the only seasons we experience are a wet and dry season. The main dry season runs from December to April while the wet season shows on average peak rainfall in October with a secondary spike in May.

The southern coast of the island is dominated by plains and large rivers which spread out into vast wetlands. The eastern section is mountainous reaching 2,256 m (7,402 ft) at Blue Mountain Peak while smaller mountains form an east to west spine across the island. The central region is dominated by the impressive and almost impenetrable Cockpit Country – a wet limestone forest comprised of hundreds of little hillocks resembling an inverted egg carton.

The road network is mostly paved roads but as birding takes us off the beaten paths you can expect to encounter pothole riddled roads and areas where the paved roads give way to dirt tracks. more

The Arrowhead Experience

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From the moment you meet your guide to the moment you say farewell we intend to give you an experience like no other. The guide will share his in-depth knowledge of the Jamaican avifaunal landscape, but his Knowledge goes much deeper. Prepare to be enlightened about Jamaica’s rich cultural, social and political history as it is reflected in our people, our music, our sports and our cuisine. You will be taken to places most Jamaicans have never visited as we go in search of our feathered friends. more

Portland Audubon Participants say thanks

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From January 19-29, 2012 thirteen members of Portland Audubon along with tour leader Steve Robertson toured Jamaica in search of all the feathery friends the island had to offer. Co-leader and local guide, Ricardo Miller helped them to many new lifers and a trip total of 105 species. Here is what the participants had to say about their experience birding with Ricardo: more